Learning Dutch

Learn Dutch in Brussels, Antwerp, Gent and Liege or in another Belgium city of choice under the supervision of native speakers.
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Tailor-made Dutch training

Lerian’s concept of tailor-made language training puts the emphasis on the student. Before the beginning of each course we analyse and establish the candidates’ language proficiency levels and needs. Above all, we focus on finding the answer to one very important question: ‘The vocabulary of which particular business field would you like to practise most?’

We create each tailor-made course on the basis of the above findings. During the training course we stress the language skills which will allow you to efficiently communicate and function in your specific business environment. Our method is based on:

  • role playing exercises
  • creative exercising
  • holding realistic and close to daily professional life conversations

Our tailor-made language courses make learning fun and actively encourage student participation. As a result, the progress made is higher and quicker compared to that booked during traditional Dutch classes.

Dutch course contents

The chart below shows the standard language needs of Lerian-Nti’s students. However, based on your specific language needs and language proficiency level we will create a custom-made module for you.

Grafiek EN - Nederlands leren

Our trainers

As a rule our trainers have extended professional experience in adult language education and business Dutch and are native speakers.

Online support

In order to enhance the language learning process we offer online language aid available to all candidates.

From the beginning of each module onwards each student receives weekly 5 target-oriented electronic exercises via the e-platform. Additionally, all candidates are granted an access to our e-lexica program which contains specific professional vocabulary lists. This allows the students to practise their particular vocabulary at their own pace. The available vocabulary lists cover finance, EU-related terminology, negotiations, telephone manner, etc.

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