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E-learning French, English, German or Dutch: learn a foreign language where and when it suits you – on your own or with a coach.

The Lerian e-learning language courses allow you to focus on activities that are tailored to your language level and working environment. Our user-friendly platform is accessible from a pc/laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Our offer 

E-LEARN-5-6-2015-NL1 E-learning Dutch (FROM € 99 / ACCESS)
Learn business Dutch online, wherever and whenever you want.
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E-learning French (FROM € 99 / ACCESS)
Learn business French online, wherever and whenever you want.
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E-learning English (FROM € 99 / ACCESS)
Learn business English online, wherever and whenever you want.
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E-learning German (FROM € 99 / ACCESS)
Learn business German online, wherever and whenever you want.
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  • Access for 6 months
  • Focus on job context
  • Unlimited online access – no need to install any software
  • Online support
  • Weekly motivation e-mails with new activities for 4 months. After this, the system remains accessible for a further 2 months
  • Unlimited access for HR with statistics
  • Possible use of a personal coach
  • Interface in 4 languages (Dutch, French, English and German)

An introduction to our system


Custom-made vocabulary: e-lexica

Learning a language also means … practising the new vocabulary. Boring? Quite the opposite! With us learning is fun, also outside the classroom. With our e-lexica (which is part of our e-learning platform) one can practise wherever and whenever one feels like it. This means, one is free to develop and follow one’s own learning pace.

Are you interested in professional slang, specific business vocabulary or everyday language? One can select the suitable vocabulary list in accordance of one’s professional field, business terminology or general interests in order to practise the language. The candidates can also access the highly specialised business field-oriented vocabulary and terminology lists that Lerian’s language professionals have customised in relation to the specific needs of our different students and clients. It does not get more flexible than that!

The evaluation

Have you mastered the foreign language? Prove it. The intelligent system tests each student’s language knowledge and keeps and stores the mistakes made. After every test one receives an overview of the end result and any errors made. During the next test sessions the system displays the candidate’s old mistakes while allocating new suitable exercises. This way one is immediately aware of the actual progress booked.

Additionally, this is an overview of the available vocabulary and business terminology lists: bank vocabulary, EU-related terminology, HR vocabulary, finance, IT terminology, legal vocabulary, logistics, marketing, negotiations, telecommunication, telephone expressions, insurance …

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