Online language test

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  • You want to assess the language skills of your job applicants?
  • You want an online tool to support your language training programme?
  • You want to map the language skills of your employees?

The Online Language test from Lerian-Nti assesses in real business situations the structural knowledge, listening skills and the knowledge of professional vocabulary of your staff and job applicants in Dutch, English, French and German.

The online language test of Lerian-Nti are available as:

Online language test
Online language test
Online language test
Online language test

Accurate & adaptive

The Lerian-Nti test assesses language skills quickly and accurately by using an ‘adaptive system’. All candidates start at the same level, but during the test the system selects new questions based on the accuracy of the answers given.

The level of difficulty is thus increased and/or decreased until a consistent skill level is reached.

A test takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

Adapted to your corporate identity

The Online Language Test can be integrated in your website. Both the test and the reports are branded to your corporate identity, with your company colours and logo.


✓ Each test is unique, which eliminates cheating.

No need for an examiner to be present during the tests.

✓ All the language skill levels can be assessed with one single test.

Available anywhere & anytime

A computer and internet connection are all that is needed to gain access to the system. No need to install any software.


The tests can be managed quickly and simply, the results are available immediately. Reports indicate the level of knowledge according to international standards, enabling users to easily compare results with other language tests.


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The online tailor-made language tests: a big success

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