Language exercises

Name URL Language Contents
Talenquiz NL Language studio-Talenquiz
CambiumNed NL

Dutch language website containing language games and exercises

Didaclic oefeningen NL

Interactive games and exercises

nt2taalmenu NL

Interactive exercises


The alphabet, capital letters, verbs, speaking and listening exercises


NL Language exercises :


Learning Dutch while watching videos with subtitles

One Stop English EN Games and activities section contains a collection of over 250 interactive games, song videos and activities.
Better English EN List of exercises related to business English, including vocabulary, grammar, multi-word verbs, etc.
English Club EN The online English Club is to learn English online free or find online resources if you teach English.
Activities for ESL Students EN Over 1,000 games, quizzes and puzzles on grammar and vocabulary.
BBC Learning Languages ES
Online multimedia learning resources in Spanish, German, French and Italian. With Real Audio, Real Video, and Shockwave.
TV5 Monde FR

Exercise collection

Orthogram FR

French spelling and grammar exercises

Lexique FLE FR French vocabulary database with illustrations and language exercises
Centre collegial de développement de matériel didactique FR Interactive pronunciation and syntax exercises

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