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E-learning Dutch (FROM € 99 / ACCESS)
Learn business Dutch online, wherever and whenever you want.
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E-learning French (FROM € 99 / ACCESS)
Learn business French online, wherever and whenever you want.
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E-learning English (FROM € 99 / ACCESS)
Learn business English online, wherever and whenever you want.
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E-learning German (FROM € 99 / ACCESS)
Learn business German online, wherever and whenever you want.
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Tailor-made e-learning


The e-learning platform of Lerian-Nti is a user-friendly online platform which contains exercises linked to a customized grammar and vocabulary database. By using this platform the students have the opportunity to set for themselves very clear and achievable goals while using language materials that correspond 100 % to their individual level, language skills and specific work environment. The platform was created by an in-house team of language experts. The platform is the end result of prolonged language and pedagogical research and development. Based on this reliable pedagogical foundation our IT specialists were able to design suitable platform software. So, in our case IT technology accommodates the specific needs of the language learning process and not the other way around.

As an e-learning platform our Learning Management System is absolutely unique. It selects and sends out, automatically or manually, the most suitable exercises for, and to, each individual student. This and the many other applications of Lerian’s e-learning system could be of interest not only to language schools but also to companies which can benefit from the advantages of cross-border language training.

Demo: e-learning Lerian-Nti

E-learning: areas of application

Description E-learning as an extra help during a variety of language courses (face-to-face, online, phone lessons) E-learning is an equal and integral part of the lessons in combination with student-coach interactive hours (individually or in a group)

Stand-alone e-learning, without input from a language coach

Exercise selection The exercise packages are selected by the system according to the candidates’ language proficiency level.
Duration 6 or 12 months

E-learning English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish

Exercise contents Business oriented
Level of language proficiency All language levels

Tailor-made E-learning: it increases the efficiency of learning

The E-learning method works because it is always based on each individual student’s particular language needs. This is our leading strategy. The overwhelming success of the e-learning platform stems from the fact that it is able to send out the most relevant exercise packages. These exercises are selected based on the candidates’:

  • language proficiency level
  • area of business
  • specific language skills which each individual candidate aims at developing: introducing yourself, giving an opinion, participating in a meeting, arguing in an acceptable and diplomatic manner, giving instructions on dealing with administrative files and documents

Custom-made vocabulary: e-lexica

Learning a language also means … practising the new vocabulary. Boring? Quite the opposite! With us learning is fun, also outside the classroom. With our e-lexica (which is part of our e-learning platform) one can practise wherever and whenever one feels like it. This means, one is free to develop and follow one’s own learning pace.

Are you interested in professional slang, specific business vocabulary or everyday language? One can select the suitable vocabulary list in accordance of one’s professional field, business terminology or general interests in order to practise the language. The candidates can also access the highly specialised business field-oriented vocabulary and terminology lists that Lerian’s language professionals have customised in relation to the specific needs of our different students and clients. It does not get more flexible than that!

The evaluation

Have you mastered the foreign language? Prove it. The intelligent system tests each student’s language knowledge and keeps and stores the mistakes made. After every test one receives an overview of the end result and any errors made. During the next test sessions the system displays the candidate’s old mistakes while allocating new suitable exercises. This way one is immediately aware of the actual progress booked.

Additionally, this is an overview of the available vocabulary and business terminology lists: bank vocabulary, EU-related terminology, HR vocabulary, finance, IT terminology, legal vocabulary, logistics, marketing, negotiations, telecommunication, telephone expressions, insurance …

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