Why a professional language course can boost your business or career

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Language skills are a great asset to your professional career. Knowledge of a second language can help you reach more potential clients, including beyond language boundaries. Moreover, you will be able to hold your own at an international congress in your field.

Choose your own time and place

A professional language course can give your business or your career a considerable boost. It is an investment with a quick return. A 3-day or 5-day language immersion programme will already allow you to hone your language skills.

"Our clients are often professionals with busy working lives", says language trainer Karen Desmet. "For that reason, we give them the opportunity to choose the formula that best fits their schedule. We have developed a 3-day and a 5-day language immersion programme that provides remarkable results."

Identify the result you wish to achieve

"Every language teacher begins with a needs analysis. Why would you like to improve your French? What would you like to have achieved by the end of your German language immersion programme? Based on the answers to these specific questions, the teacher will develop a customized language immersion programme", says Karen.

"Our courses are based on a well-designed learning programme. At the end of each day, the teacher sets aside some time for an evaluation. That way, the programme can be adjusted daily to the wishes and expectations of the participant."

"We focus on the vocabulary that is most useful
in your industry or job."
Language trainer Karen Desmet

The language training that best suits you

When you book a language course with Lerian-Nti, you can expect your training to be fully tailor-made: "We focus on the vocabulary that is most useful in your industry or job. Moreover, we provide considerable variety: in addition to audio and video clips we also incorporate conversational exercises and role plays. This variety enables you to develop many different skills, while it also allows the teacher to use the learning style that best suits you."

An intensive programme that will boost your language skills

During a language immersion programme, you will be working very intensively with the new language: "Even during lunch breaks, our teacher will converse with you in the new language. That way you will be learning in both formal and informal ways and you will be fully immersed in that language for a few days."

Survival Kit included

The Lerian-Nti language school knows how important key phrases are in another language: frequent conversations that each participant will need from time to time in a business context. Based on our 20-year expertise, we have developed the Survival Kit, a concise guide containing the most useful key phrases.

Each participant receives this handy booklet to take home. You will find in it dialogues and important vocabulary on the following topics:

  • introducing yourself and your business
  • participating in or chairing a meeting
  • conducting a professional telephone conversation
  • writing a business letter or e-mail
  • dealing with a complaint
  • conducting a sales conversation or making an appointment

Free access to the online platform

Lastly, each participant will receive free access to our online platform during 1 year. We are pleased to invite you to keep up your new language with exercises adapted to your level. If you wish, we can send you a weekly email with a few carefully selected exercises that will help raise your language level.

Benefit now from our summer special

During the quieter summer months, you can raise your language skills to a higher level in a more focused and relaxed way.

For many professionals, July and August are the ideal times to work on growing your business.
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