How to learn a new language fast: 7 tips

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Good language skills are often key if you want to invest in your company or career. After all, companies with multilingual employees grow faster, and these employees earn more on average. And let's not forget that learning a language is also an investment in your personal development. These seven tips will help you quickly master a new language.

Take an immersion course

Immersion in another language is the fastest way to get results. You can achieve far more with a five-day intensive immersion course than you could by spending a few hours a week learning a new language.

Put your new language skills into practice

Of course, you will have to learn new words by heart. And it is also useful if you know the grammatical rules to understand a new language. The most important thing, however, is that you practise what you have learned, for example by chatting to your teacher during the lunch break.

Discover the fun side of a new language

A business language course need not be boring. You will benefit most from a course in which the teacher provides variation. Learning a new language is most fun when it incorporates listening and speaking exercises and even games.

Practise regularly, even with your customers

Tell your foreign customers that you are learning their language and ask them if you can converse in that language from now on. Your customers will really appreciate your efforts and help you if you make a mistake. If you are following a language course with Lerian-Nti, you can register to receive the weekly language e-mail to help you enhance your language skills.

Remember why you are learning a foreign language

Are you expanding your business activities into the French-speaking market? Or would you like to be able to introduce yourself properly in English at a trade fair? Always keep your goal in mind and discuss this with your language teacher. This will help to motivate you to achieve your objective and enable the teacher to tailor the lessons to meet your needs.

Set priorities

You will not be perfectly bilingual after taking an intensive immersion course. It is therefore important to determine what you want to achieve together with your teacher: hold a sales talk, chair a meeting, write correct e-mails or pitch your company. Thinking carefully about your priorities will help you notice how much progress you make during an intensive language course.

Look for ways to come into contact with the new language

Look for good films, television programmes or books in the language you want to learn. Find as many ways as possible to familiarise yourself with the new language, because they will all provide an opportunity for you to practise.


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