Phone and Skype language courses

Phone and Skype language courses

The language courses given over the phone or via Skype are the perfect alternative for candidates who do not have time to follow a standard face-to-face training course or have practical difficulties getting to the course venue. This format is also highly suitable for students who communicate on the phone in Dutch, French, English or German on a regular basis. It is however advisable, that the prospective learners’ initial language proficiency is low intermediate (1/5 ALTE or A2 CEF).

The training is available for the following languages

Dutch French English German Spanish Italian Other languages on request

Interactive and Communication-oriented

During the phone courses the candidates are immediately confronted with the real-life use of the target language. The training is extremely suitable for candidates who, because of their daily professional tasks, use the target language over the phone on a regular basis.

Our phone and Skype courses emphasize communication and interaction. Role playing and simulation of business conversations are part of the learning process. The key sentences used during these exercises help the students in the process of assimilation of new language skills.

After each session the students have the opportunity to review the new vocabulary, the key sentences and the grammar relevant to the conversations’ context. The phone/Skype courses could be combined with face-to-face sessions as well.


At the very beginning of the course each candidate is given an access to Lerian’s online e-learning platform (an access that is operational up to one month after the course’s end) where the students receive grammar and vocabulary exercises suitable for their needs and level.

Additionally all students have an access to our e-lexica where one can exercise specific business vocabulary of choice: EU terminology, telephone English, financial, legal and HR terminology, language of negotiations and meetings, etc.

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