Learn German online (course)

Learn Business German online  

  • Do you wish to communicate effectively with your German-speaking colleagues and partners?
  • Would you like to learn to speak and write German?
  • You don't want to take a long training programme at a college or university?

Then I am happy to propose a solution for you:

our online Business German as a foreign language course.

Online Business German course


Gain direct access to our online learning environment, including all PDF documents, audio files, videos and 500+ exercises..

€ 99 for 6 months | only € 16.50 per month



Our qualified native speaker coach increases your motivation and speeds up your development – just as a personal coach does in sports training. Are you interested? Opt for the online course including 6 x 20 minutes coaching (by phone or Skype), followed by an evaluation report.

€ 270 for 6 months | only € 45 per month


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An introduction to our system

4 reasons why this course is intended for you

1. Practical in focus

In most language courses for professionals, you first have to learn vocabulary lists in German. In our view, that is inefficient.

Therefore this e-learning course is divided up into the various aspects of business communication at the workplace: introducing yourself, holding meetings, making phone calls, writing emails, engaging in informal conversation, and so on. So you learn only what you need.

2. Unlimited access

You can log in whenever you wish: during the day at the office or in the evenings from home, sitting comfortably on the living room sofa. Our platform is accessible 24/7 from your laptop, PC, tablet and smartphone.

3. Quick and easy

This online Business German course is suited both to beginners and more advanced learners.
Our unique intuitive software selects new exercises for you, based on your language level and preferences.

You improve your vocabulary, oral skills and grammar at your own pace. And you don't waste class time for example on standard sentences that you are already familiar with. Effective learning, in other words.

4. Cost-effective

Our e-learning courses cost peanuts compared to training programmes and courses with open registration. Simply because they face higher overhead costs.

But that's not all. Lerian-Nti also offers one of the most cost-effective online language courses on the Belgian and Dutch market.



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