Founding, background and structure

Lerian-Nti is the end product of the merger between two companies: Lerian Communications and The Dutch Language Institute (het Nederlands Taalinstituut). The merger took place on January 1, 2005. Lerian Communications was founded in 1993 and right from the start devoted its efforts to organizing language training programmes for both companies and non-profit organizations. The Dutch Language Institute or NTI languages was founded in 1983 and specialised in language education for private and non-corporate clients.

Finally, the two organizations merged in a new partnership: Lerian-Nti Languages nv.

Lerian-NTI offers work possibilities to more than 200 freelance language coaches. Each of the main languages – Dutch, French, English and German, is represented by its own department. The respective Heads of Departments are in charge of the school’s diverse pedagogical activities: the instruction of new language coaches, language programme preparation, etc. Our marketing team is responsible for Lerian’s long term clients and for the finding of new ones. Additionally, the school employs six coordinators who handle the practical organisation of the training modules: from the initial offer to the monitoring of the courses. The coordinators represent ‘a single contact point’ in our relationship with the clients. Three other employees take care of the technical support, logistics, photocopying, room reservation, reception, purchasing and accounting.

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