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Lerian – Nti Languages is annually evaluated on its client-satisfaction rate by an external organization – Management Information. The school’s latest audit report, dated September 2015, revealed a remarkably high percentage of client satisfaction. As a result, Lerian-Nti Languages was awarded the Qfor quality label.

The Qfor quality label is a European quality standard especially developed for the needs of the training and consultancy market. The label could be obtained only by companies with a client satisfaction rate of at least 80 % or higher.

QFOR Client Scan

This synopsis is based on the answers given by the Lerian-Nti’s clients during a survey conducted by the auditor. The results below are representative for the period between July 1st 2014 and June 30st 2015. The completeness and authenticity of the school’s client list was checked and confirmed by the auditor as well.

  • Number of clients selected and interviewed by the auditor: 18
  • Actual survey period: between August 20th 2015 and September 6th 2015

The outcome of the audit showed that the school’s clients are satisfied or completely satisfied with Lerian-Nti and its services.

Overall, the school and its training activities met the high requirements of the Qfor Client Scan.


The Qfor report on Lerian-Nti’s services completed by Management Information in September 2015.

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