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Bulats is a fast, flexible and affordable way to get accurate certification of workplace English language skills.

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Business language testing service


The BULATS (Business Languages Testing Services) Online Test forms an umbrella for the four communication skills: listening, speaking, writing and reading in real business situations. Basing itself on the right or wrong answer, the system takes the next question to be asked from its databank, bearing the candidate’s level and the type of question from the three communicative skills in mind. The system keeps asking questions until a consistent level of knowledge is measured and it is possible to make an assessment of the candidate’s English level. 

BULATS is worth using for all organisations wishing to map out the language skills of their employees or applicants in a standardised way. Lerian is the agent for Belgium and Luxembourg.

Practical information

>> Where?

The software can be programmed and delivered to take minimum 20 tests. Tests of fewer than 20 can also be ordered but then they are to be taken at the Lerian premises in Brussels

Lerian Brussels
Rue de la Loi 26 (4th floor)
1040 Brussels

>> When?

During the week (between 8h and 18h) - the test (online Reading and Listening) takes up to 90 minutes.

By appointment (please inform us when you want to take the test minimum 5 days in advance).

>> Result

After the test, you will receive a certificate with your results.

>> Costs?

The cost per test is € 50 + VAT = € 60,50
Payment at the start of the test.

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