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Blended learning
Blended learning
Blended learning
Blended learning

Blended learning: in search of the unique mix

The blended learning type of language education has become more and more popular over the last few years in both Europe and America. Like in coffee roasting and whiskey distillation the crucial objective is to create a unique blend. The main question is then: which flavours do you mix together? So, we are constantly thinking about new efficient combinations of elements which when brought together produce the highest possible results in language training.

Hilde Wynant


Hilde Wynant, Manager Business Support Arval
"Blended learning works."

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Tailor made from a to z

The process of learning a language does not stop outside the classroom. The students should be constantly encouraged to stay in touch with the foreign language also outside the walls of the classroom. Professional guidance and evaluation are the elements that form the sound foundation of such ongoing learning process. Needless to say: all the follow-up modules are entirely custom-made as well. The candidates do not receive standard exercises after the courses’ ending: they are given highly suitable vocabulary and grammar exercises that reflect the language needs of each student’s specific professional field. All the follow-up exercises are selected by qualified specialists. These are the main ideas we use in order to create our unique educational blend.

Blended Learning: a successful combination of lessons and e-learning

During each blended learning course, lessons and e-learning are combined as to form one highly effective whole. The lessons could be individual (over the phone or online), in group or a combination of the two. After every lesson there is a time for e-learning while using our e-learning platform.

Description of the blended learning course elements

Group lessons

  • Conversation tables
  • Extra emphasis on speaking
The participants have two hours during which they can improve their fluency under the supervision of a highly qualified Lerian-Nti language coach. The conversation tables are built on the basis of preliminary agreed discussion topics. The conversation tables could take place once a month, every other week or weekly. The conversation topics reflect the specific business language context of the candidates. This allows the students to learn better and quicker the needed target vocabulary and to easily use it in their daily business communication.


  • Individual / tailor-made courses
  • Suitable vocabulary

Each student receives a customized exercise package that is carefully selected by an experienced Lerian-Nti language coach. After every lesson and throughout the entire duration of the course the coach allocates relevant exercises via Lerian’s e-learning platform. Most of the electronic exercises are automatically corrected by the platform itself. However, there are special exercises, which each candidate receives as well, that require the personal correction of the language coach.

Individual lessons

  • Telephone / online lessons
  • Specifieke vaardigheden
These sessions are scheduled between two conversation tables, which mean that they take place weekly or every other week depending on the chosen course structure, and serve as an interaction point between the students and their Lerian language coach. During these private sessions (which could last between 30 and 60 minutes each) the student and coach work on the candidate’s individual needs and mistakes. In addition, the coach reviews the electronic exercises already completed by the student.

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